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Resim Kursu
Resim KursuMEB Onaylı Sertifikalı

Despite everything painting perseveres, dependant on art, passionate about color. As a hobby if that is what you wish, or as a M.E.B certified program that you can participate in weekdays and weekend courses.



You can join us now by calling or by online application.


The aim in this PRIVATE WORKSHOP that led to the opening of many art workshops that are founded for the first time, is to contribute into the cultivation of art and culture of everyone in the society. By coming to any of our branches that are open for everyone, you can participate in our art trips and courses for etudes from nature, still life, drawing, oil painting, reproduction.The founders of our workshop are the most important masters of the turkish painting Painter and Art Critic Nurullah Berk (1906-1982), Painter Prof. Sabri Berkel (1907-1993), Ressam Prof. Adnan Çoker and Painter Hülya Düzenli. In the workshop under the supervision of Hülya Düzenli, drawing, chromatics, analysis, material and techniques (charcoal drawing, watercolor painting, pastel, oil painting etc.) of artworks are studied. General Art History(Roman, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Impressionism...) is provided with the help of visual aids inside the curriculum. Also those, who wish to see the world's most important cities , museums and the magnificent works of art locally in these museums, can do so by participating in our annual trips (İtaly, Spain, France, England, Egypt, Morocco, America etc.).