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Moda Tasarım Kursu

Digital Painting Course


Create your own Line Character Step by Step, Drawing with a Tablet


Admıssıon For Dıgıtal Paıntıng Course Started !

You can join us now by calling or by online application.

Moda Tasarım Kursu

Period Of Education

You can create a character even if you are at beginner's level.

Do you want to create comic book character, make simple animation drawings or just want to make drawings on your tablet?

İstasyon Academy of Fine Arts is starting a digital drawing program suitable for anyone using a tablet.

You too can make drawings on the tablet, share the drawings you made on the social media.

All you need: is a pen compatible with your existing digital tablet and a free drawing app from appstore / googleplay.

The program is designed as one half-day a week in 2 consecutive 4 month courses.





Moda Tasarım Kursu




You can create your own comic character and the side characters (sidekick), place it in a space vectorially.

Character analysis, creating the geometric foundation of the character, porcelainization and dyeing, accessories, poses, sketch making, place, character-place application, workshop, emplotment, storyboard drawing.

The course program starting in October is going to be completed in January.

This course program will be managed with the digital tools and equipment that the users themselves own.



You can improve the comic character you created with illustration techniques, can make its presentation animatically.

Drawing scales and shooting angles, composition rules, perspective, stage dynamics, character expressions, animatic preparation.

The course program starting in Febuary will be completed in May.