Preparation For 2018 Ability Exams

28 August 2017

Hello young artists,

If you are a senior high school student or another university student and you want to study the arts faculty, but you do not know how to prepare or what to do, we would like to help you.In this material prepared for you, we prepare your examination preparation with your correct guidance. So let's get started.

(This text is based on the 2017 Exam Period Guides.The rules for the 2018 exams may show changes within the year. For this reason, OSYM and related universities should be watched from web pages.)

Departments you can prepare with talent exams in Turkey: Painting, Sculpture, Graphics, Textile and Fashion Design, Animation, Traditional Turkish Handicrafts, Ceramic-Glass, Stage Costume Costumes, Restoration and Preservation of Works, Photography, Plastic Arts, Printing Arts.

ÖSYM 2017 exams have removed the possibility of drawing in interior design and industrial product design departments. For this reason, you can win these pieces using your skills, but by preparing a portfolio abroad.