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One on one and group lessons. Playing a instrument is not as hard as you think.. As close to you as you have imagined



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We are changing all the challenges,that have been stuck in our minds until now, and the perception that playing instruments is a gift given only to the most talented people. It is not magical condition. It can be realised by enjoying music, following the lessons and doing little exercises at home that will distract you from the day's stress. Playing an instrument is like a bridge between your mind and your body. You may have imagined yourselves playing a musical instrument many times, now it is time to make this dream a reality. Our one on one or group lessons – with our teaching methods designed for both children and adults - are taught by our experts in their fields instructors.
Playing Instruments for the adults; is a way to achieve happiness and tranquility. You find yourselves feeling like you belong to a whole new world. Spending even half an hour on music after you came home from work will help you get away from work stress and all other problems.
Playing instruments for the children; is very important with regards to their mental and social development. Even if your children do not chose the path of a professional musician, they will gain a more productive, solution oriented and positive perspective towards,will also progress in becoming a qualified individual.
Our music workshops; Electronic Music Production (Computerized music), Song Writing Workshop, Rhythm Workshop, mediates for anyone who wants ot express themselves, discover different techniques and want to have an idea about the creation process.

Information About Musical Education
Bilgisayarlı Müzik Atolyesi
Computer Supported Music Worksh
  • • Oriented towards gaining education, digital sound technologies and sectoral skill. Don't think that prior education in music is necessary in order to participate in the course. Anyone who is interested in making music with their computers and digital music production techniques and anyone who has a computer can participate.
Ritim Kursu
Rhythm Workshop
  • • With the rhythm workshop, we get to enjoy music and have fun. By expressing our energy, we are achieving the group rhythm and letting off some steam together in an animated fashion. You can participate in the rhythm course as a hobby or as a means towards professionalism.
Şarkı Yazım Atölyesi
Song Writing Workshop
  • • Don't think that prior education in music is necessary in order to participate in the course. The course includes songwriting theory and practical together. Art of song writing, melody, harmony, lyrics(Turkish-English), chord sequences

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