İç Mimarlık Kursu
Interior Design CourseINTERIOR DESIGN


Design and Project (home, offıce, cafe...) Technical drawing with 3d max and Autocad and professional presentation


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İç Mimarlık Kursu

Period of education

Istasyon Fine Arts, as an institution affiliated with the T.C. Ministry of Education, gives certificates approved by the Ministry of Education. The total duration of the program is 12 month.

University Abroad

The two-year program provides an education and degree opportunity in the University of Portsmouth, England for its graduates. Those who attend the full-time weekdays program in Istasyon Fine Arts gets a 4-year university degree by continue two more years in the University of Portsmouth in England through lateral/undergraduate transfer.

İç Mimarlık Kursu

Being a good interior designer requires creativity, drawing technique, thinking in 3 dimensions, planning, team spirit, being open to criticism and ability to influence others. The educational program is created in a way that equips the student with all the essentials necessary to become a good interior designer and is renewed in accordance with the changes in the sector.

Information About Interior Design Course
İç Mimarlık Kursuİç Mimarlık Kursu
Educational Program
  • Building and Materials Knowledge
  • Space Arrengement I/II
  • Professional Perspective ( Cavalier , Axonometric, Artistic)
  • Furnishings / Industrial Design
  • Technical drawing
  • Form and Model application
  • Interior System Knowledge
  • Computer Aided Design / AutoCAD – Photoshop – 3DS MAX
  • Design
  • Perspective
  • Sketching
  • Illustration
  • Creativity
  • Art History
  • Furniture History
  • Introduction to Computers and Interior Design Computer Programs
  • Project – Cost – Project Presentation (Housing, Store, Office, Fairground)
  • Presentation
İç Mimarlık Kursuİç Mimarlık Kursu
Job Opportunities
  • Hotel Design / Application
  • Restaurant Design / Application
  • Store / Dısplay Window Design / Application
  • Fair / Stand Design / Application
  • Kitchen / Bathroom Companies
  • Home / Summer House Design / Application
  • Decor (TV/Cinema/Theatre)
  • The Place Is Everywhere
İç Mimarlık Kursuİç Mimarlık Kursu
Who Can Participate
  • Those who want to have a profession
  • Those who want to develop a career in the field
  • Those who want to change sectors
  • University / High School / Vocational High School Students and graduates
  • Everyone who is over 18 and minimum high school graduate that is interested in Interior Design
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