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Pattern / Oil Painting Workshop
  • Despite everything, keep painting, Artistic, passionate about color,
  • If you want Hobby purposes, if you want, certified by MEB…
  • As PATTERN / OIL PAINTING, as LYESİ, we want to support your interest in PAINTING art..
  • If you want, by joining the cloud, online if you want, from home / abroad…
  • Charcoal drawing, Watercolor techniques, Different drawing materials, Color knowledge, Composition techniques, Oil Painting, Acrylic, & hellip;.

Painting course

Founders of our horse & ouml; lye Painter and Art Writer Nurullah Berk, one of the most important masters of T & uuml; rk painting (1906-1982), painter Prof. Sabri Berkel (1907-1993), painter Prof. Adnan Çoker and painter Hülya Düzenli ‘dir.

Pattern, color knowledge, art work analysis, materials and techniques (floral, watercolor, pastel, oil, oil painting, & hellip;) practice of painting under the control of Hüumlya Dücel. realization is happening. General Art History (Roman, Gothic, R & ouml; generation, Baroque, Impressionism, & hellip;) is given within the educational program with visual expressions. In addition, by participating in domestic and international trips we organize (Italy, Spain, France, England, Egypt, Morocco, America etc. ..) you can visit the most important cities and properties of the world. and you can view the magnificent works of art in these objects on site.

Participants, who continue our participation, have the opportunity to exhibit their works in group exhibitions organized or through exercises they have done for their own personal exhibitions over time. If you want to learn about the art of painting, to improve your practice, if you are looking for a painting course where you can realize what you want, these exercises developed by İstasyon Sanat are just right for you.

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Nurten Balcı Pattern Oil Paint | At Station Art Academyölye Görüşü

Pattern Oil Paint With our students Nurten Balcı , a review on the environment and the work of our painting is with you

Exhibition Video - Painter & Ouml; Students - Painting Stories

Announcement video for the exhibition titled "Garbage" to be held at Pusula Art House Harbiye Istanbul between February 26 - March 16. We caught the High Painter Hülya Düzenli and Station Art Academy students in their last meeting before the exhibition and produced a video.

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