Sertifikalı Resim Kursu
Art Course

Charcoal Drawing Oil Painting Artwork Analysis General Art History



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Our art program is created with the modern education and culture concept of Nurullah Berk and Sabri Berkel, both of whom are important masters of the turkish painting.

In the workshop under the supervision of painter Hülya Düzenli, who have worked with Nurullah Berk, Sabri Berkel and Adnan Çoker for many years; drawing, chromatics, analysis, material and techniques (charcoal drawing, watercolor painting, pastel, oil painting etc.) of artworks are studied.

General Art History (Roman, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Impressionism...) is provided with the help of visual aids inside the curriculum.

Also those, who wish to see the world's most important cities , museums and the magnificent works of art locally in these museums, can do so by participating in our annual trips (İtaly, Spain, France, England, Egypt, Morocco, America etc.).

PERIOD OF EDUCATION (Weekdays-Weekend)
Istasyon Fine Arts, as an institution affiliated with the T.C. Ministry of Education, gives certificates approved by the Ministry of Education. The total duration of the program is 12 month.

The two-year program provides an education and degree opportunity in the University of Portsmouth, England for its graduates. Those who attend the full-time weekdays program in Istasyon Fine Arts gets a 4-year university degree by continue two more years in the University of Portsmouth in England through lateral/undergraduate transfer.

Information About Art Certificate Program
Sertifikalı Resim Kursu
Job Opportunities
  • Indipendent Artist
  • Artist at Private and Public Institutions
  • Art Consultant
  • Qualified Instructor at M.E.B Private Educational Institutions
  • Qualified Instructor at Institutions that are affiliated with the Municipality
Sertifikalı Resim Kursu
Who Can Participate
  • Those who want to make a career
  • Those who want to improve their career in their field
  • Those who want to change sector
  • Students and Graduates of University / High School / Vocational High School
  • Everyone, who are above 18 and min. High school gradute, that are interested in art
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