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Istasyon Fine Arts Academy was founded in 1980 by master architect Ömer Ferda Düzenli and artist Hülya Düzenli in Fındıklı, Istanbul.
The views and disciplines of the institution are formed by the contemporary education and culture concepts of artist Nurullah Berk and painter Sabri Berkel, valuable art and thinkers.
Station Art Academy aims to widely art education for the first time in Turkey, initially in Paris with André Lhote and Fernand academy was established as pelvic studios in order to create an alternative learning environment.
Also during the establishment years, sculptor Seyhun Topuz, painter Tomur Atagök, painter Gün İrk in the following years; the sculptor Mehmet Şenel, the painter Adnan Çoker, and the musician Timur Selçuk were the cornerstones of this teaching.



In the following years, Station Art Academy studied the famous Art School Bauhaus, created an education system that combines the art disciplines that have relations with the industry with the tradition of master-apprentice, and as a result, it trained designers with artisan skills and meticulousness.

BThese disciplines; mainly painting, interior architecture, fashion-stylist and graphics; It includes music, theater, photography, computers, jewelry and jewelry design, and art works with children. Turkey's textile industry, especially in the area has created a work force trained in a short time.

About us

İstasyon Sanat has a serious knowledge and experience in the fields of art, culture and design for 35 years.

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Our achievements

Istasyon Fine Arts Academy has achieved many successes, notably the Business Initiative Directions (BID) international quality award.

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Istasyon Fine Arts Academy sees inter-institutional cooperation as a contemporary way of developing societies and institutions.

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