Talent Exams in Danger

15 October 2019
Dear Art Lovers, We are in very difficult news and days professionally. Our exams are in danger. Can Berk Koç created a video.
The minute analysis of the video is as follows;
0:39 - Which departments and the statement of YÖK
1:03 - Why was this decision wrong, what happened in previous similar decisions?
2:30 - How is the practice existing in the University Exam? (I am telling the example of Mimar Sinan GSU)
3:21 - The effect of the center on the ability test in the existing examination center
5:18 - Problems of Fine Arts High School students
5:50 - Does it eliminate the necessity of the Digital Technology Drawing Exam?
7:05 - Self discussion and update of the way aptitude tests take place
7:54 - Why is it wrong to leave the exam? An overview of previous applications, possible dangers
10:13 - Information on the students who will take the 2020 aptitude exams
10:51 - Drawing Comparison between episodes earned by talent and episodes earned by central placement
11:38 - Aptitude Exam schedule and exam exam process
13:06 - Exam for students preparing for talent exams for 2020
14:38 - Value of Drawing Aptitude Exams
15:40 - Number of GSFs and their impact on the people and profession prepared
16:59 - Message for Those Who Take the Exams
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